22 Degree Sun Halo Over Langkawi

A halo is a ring of light surrounding the sun or moon. Most halos appear as bright white rings but in some instances, the dispersion of light as it passes through ice crystals found in upper level cirrus clouds can cause a halo to have color.

Halos form when light from the sun or moon is refracted by ice crystals associated with thin, high-level clouds (like cirrostratus clouds). A 22 degree halo is a ring of light 22 degrees from the sun (or moon) and is the most common type of halo observed and is formed by hexagonal ice crystals with diameters less than 20.5 micrometers.

Here are several images were taken just now around 1.00 pm (17 March 2010) at Langkawi National Observatory.

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erwinator said...

they said that directly shooting at the sun can ruin your camera sensor. ;-P